2011-2012 Schedule

Sep. 17  Noah Siegmann (caller) & Bob Paull (cuer)

Oct. 1     Mike Richard (caller) & TBA (cuer)

Oct. 15  Fall Festival:  Bob Asp (caller) & Jerry Buckmaster (cuer)

Oct. 29  PLUS  Pumpkin Costumes:  Dave Sutter (caller) & Bev S. (cuer)

Nov. 5   Western BBQ & Jean Night:  Sprostys (callers) & Doug S. (cuer)

Nov. 19  Yellow Rock Special:  Noah Siegmann (caller) & Dana S. (cuer)

Dec. 3   Pie & Ice Cream:  Bob Asp (caller) and Ray Steinich (cuer)

Dec. 17   Christmas Dance:  Tom Manning (caller) & Kathy Nickel (cuer)

Dec. 31  No Dance – Happy New Year !

Jan. 7    Nifty 50’s & 60’s:  Noah Siegmann (caller) & Dana S. (cuer)

Jan. 21  Graduation:  Loren Hildebrand (caller) & Audrey Hildebrand (cuer)

Feb. 4    Love:  Mike Richard (caller) & Ray Steinich (cuer)

Feb. 12  Sweetheart Dance (page coming to this site)

Feb. 18  Dave Schultz (caller) & TBA (cuer)

Mar. 3   Tom Nickel (caller) & Kathy Nickel (cuer)

Mar. 17  Luck of the Leprechan:  Bob Asp (caller) & Ray Steinich (cuer)

Mar. 31  PLUS  Backwards Night:  Dave Sutter (caller) & Bev S. (cuer)

Apr. 7    No Dance

Apr. 21  Bob Asp (caller) & Jerry Buckmaster (cuer)

May 5     Bob Lindemann (caller) & Kathy Nickel (cuer)

May 19  Potluck 6:30 (All Clubs Welcome) Dance 7:30                            Mike Richards (caller) & Ray Steinich (cuer)


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